The GT or Giant Trevalley is the ultimate prize for any shoreline fisherman. Reaching weights of over 150lbs  with a reputation for absolutely destroying anglers, gear and surface baits. These guys are as big and bad as you can get fishing from shore. Our fishing guides have literally fished thousands of hours to find the best locations and surf fishing techniques in order to target these Pit Bulls of the reef. 

Our Fishing From The Beach Hawaii GT fishing gear consists of 9-12ft heavy action spinning gear spooled up with 30-80lbs braided line and tipped off with a 4-6oz surface or subsurface lure. These fish are not shy and subtle strikes don't exist in this type of fishing.


These trips are geared toward experienced fisherman that are able to negotiate the rough and rugged terrain as well as be able to withstand the punishment one these brutes can dish out. 

Bluefin Trevalley, Amberjack , Exotic Groupers and snappers all end up on the other end of our leaders as well. But the GT is definitely the pime target. 

We offer Full-day All-inclusive 

excursions for visitors on the Big Island, Oahu, Maui,  and Molokai


GT Fishing Hawaiian Style