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All-Inclusive Day Trips

GT Fishing Day Trips                                                                              $600.00limited to one angler

   This is an EXTREME fishing experience. Not for the novice fisherman. Moderate to long hikes on rugged terrain in the dark with deep wading and potential for 100+ lbs  fish inhaling your fly or lure in the predawn haze. 11-14wt fly rods and heavy action spinning rods with 50-80lbs braid recommended. These trips have extremely early start times so they are only available to guests staying on the Big Island. 

Flats Fly Fishing Day Trips                                                                     $650.00for the first angler  

This is an opportunity to fish one of the most pristine saltwater flats in Hawaii on the most Hawaiian Isle of Molokai!  20+ Miles of highly productive saltwater flats producing truly giant Pacific Roundjaw Bonefish and eight different members of the Trevalley family including the prized Giant Trevalley or GT and its scrappy cousin the Bluefin Trevalley.  These trips are available to guests staying on Oahu, Maui, and Molokai and will require short flights which are included in the cost from either of the first two islands. 

**Anglers staying on Molokai subtract $150.00 from base price 

Reef Fishing Day Trips                                                                           $650.00for the first angler 

​One of the most fun and unique fly fishing and spin fishing experiences there is. You literally never know what will end up on the end of your line when you cast off one of the Big Island or Molokai's many lava rock points or ledges.  Tons of different species will happily inhale a well placed lure or fly and some will put your tackle to the test.  These trips are available to guests staying on Molokai as well as the Big Island.

  **Anglers staying on Molokai or Big Island subtract $150.00 from base price                        

Our all-inclusive day trips include: 

                                           **interisland airfare for guests fishing on Molokai

                                              and staying on Maui and Oahu

                                           *local ground transportation

                                           *5-7 hours of guided Fly fishing, Spin fishing, or GT Fishing

                                           *Gear and Tackle

                                           *bottled water

                                           *Gear and Tackle 



​​We aim to provide the absolute best fishing experience Hawaii has to offer therefore we have teamed up with the finest businesses in our local hospitality industry to bring you the best of the best. The best deals on airfare in Hawaii, the finest lodging on island, food fit for Hawaiian Royalty and the fishing experience of a lifetime are all just a phone call away!  

Simply call us at: 1(808)756-7763or leave us a message below. To plan your Hawaiian Dream Adventure!

*All trips take place on Molokai and Big Island

​***Gift Certificates available!                                               

**All prices listed are USD and are subject to change .